The best character reference I can manage, right now:

Novimatrem-chan is an anime-style catgirl. Her hair is straight and fluffy with a mousy brown color. Her cat ears are the same color as her hair and they have round hair tufts inside them. Her eyes are pale blue. Her skin is a light asian skin tone. She is looking at the viewer with a faint, friendly smile and slightly raised eyebrows.


She’s quite a big girl, wearing a pretty traditional stereotypical anime schoolgirl outfit, visible from behind her is her cat tail, which is the same colour as her head hair and ears. She wears opaque thigh-highs.

Here is a link to all the assets that I currently have for her, yes, it’s not much:

The Novimatrem original profile picture was machine-generated by “This Waifu Does Not Exist”, and cleaned up by myself- she’s not from any actual anime, and is unique.

These are images to perhaps inspire from:

‘Sayaka Maizono’ By ProfessorDoctorC

‘Ocha Stash: Ocharin 17 Softness’ By DANYANTTO no-login mirror:

and as for an actual standing pose, this would be ideal- just a normal standing pose, as pictured below: ‘Anime standing’ By rahulvyas

This page exists so that creatures can get an idea of the characters’ appearance, for various reasons, including doing art of her. You’re more than welcome to do so, just let me know, if you do!