I am being impersonated on Steam. The only real account for me is https://steamcommunity.com/id/Novimatrem/ - any others are not I, zoey Globe, Novimatrem, and are instead those acting to defame and harass me.

[!!!] only +18 please, there’s a very big, large, and potentailly lewd, explicit, and sexual animal person here! [!!!]

A very fat girl who just doesn’t move.

NSFW (Not Safe for Work)

Her BMI is almost certainly higher in number, than what your weight is in lbs.

• Name: zoey

• Species: Cat (cat girl, with fur)

• Breed: blackish dark brown ragdoll cat

• Gender: Female

• Pronouns: she/her/hers

• Fur: Dark brown fur, blackish brown. Her fur is always quite warm. It’s medium length, and fluffy.

• Stance: bipedal

• Height: 5ft 4inch.

• Eyes: Dark-blue eyes.

• Hair: Long butt-length soft black-hair, slightly curly. Her hair is always quite warm.

• On the regular: Spends her time in bed. She’s a gamer gainer kitty, playing games a lot of the time, with a wireless controller, and watching videos- between the times she’s stuffing her face.

• Temperament: She’s a little empty-headed, sometimes, but she means well- she has a good heart and kind soul. She’s sweet.

• Tail: she has a reasonable length adorable fluffy cat tail, which is colored similarly to the rest of her fur, it’s usually squished by her fat butt

• Mood: sleepy/relaxed/calm/happy - she spends most of her time sleeping and eating.

• Favourite season: Spring

• Favourite foods: Bacon triple-cheeseburger, Tofu, Feta Cheese

• Favourite drinks: Cup of Tea, Soy Milk, Chocolate Milk

• Favourite cereal: Crunchy Nut Cornflakes

• Favourite fast-food: KFC

• Clothing: none

• Weight: 1,863lbs [which equals to 845kg, or 133st] A lot of her weight is located at her belly. She’s extremely severely morbidly obese. Her belly button is an innie. This is a non-negotiable fact, the truth. Her weight will only grow heavier over time.

• Pregnancy: YES, very. Has been continuously pregnant with many multiples, starting a few years ago, and still going. Her massive womb perpetually gigantic.

• BMI (Body mass index): 319.7 BMI

• Body fat percentage: 94%

• Mobility: none, she can not stand. She hasn’t been able to move in years, not even slightly- she wouldn’t want to, and has no reason to, anyway. Remains immobile, for her health and weight gain. She doesn’t even try to move because there’s no need and she wouldn’t manage it regardless.

• Paws: she has them, yes. both at the end of her arms, and at the bottom of her legs. 100% paws, all the time. Her claws are painted with black nail varnish.

• Sexuality: Pansexual Polyamorous (Sapphic/Lesbian leaning)

• On her chest: Six (6) breasts, with large nipples, her boobs are swollen and fat.

• Genitals: full package futa girl, with all the parts. Though they are all certainly covered and hidden by extreme fatness and pregnancy, regardless.

My existing profile picture is a reasonable idea of what her face is somewhat like, but, you know, furrier, and with whiskers and such :3

There is no art of my fursona, yet.

Novimatrem existing profile image (not my fursona):


[Fursona work in progress (NSFW) v48]