Hello! I’m zoey, aka Novimatrem.

Welcome to an alternative social media solution, that is read-only, and with only a single user- me!

Because I have been bullied off of social media by awful bigoted ableist transphobic harassers, I have created this. It relies around RSS, and requires you have an RSS feed reader client. I recommend the FeedReader desktop RSS client on Linux, RSSOwl on Windows, and QuiteRSS on Haiku. Good RSS client suggestions for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, and BSD (FreeBSD+based) are forthcoming when I have the time.

To view my posts.

Add the following RSS feed to your RSS feed reader client:

ENSURE that your RSS client is configured to download each and every post from this feed, all of them, or at least as many as you can reasonably set it to.

To reply to my posts.

Send an e-mail to with your email client of choice, with the subject line being “RE: Social post - The title of the post”. For example, “RE: Social post - A beautiful screenshot”. (without quotes)

The title of the post is sometimes just the date the post was posted, but not always.

(NEW!) By popular demand, a Reply button has been added to each post, which will automatically enter the correct Subject line and e-mail address into your default email client.

Thank you for reading, see you over on RSS!

Example screenshot