I am being impersonated on Steam and Discord. I DO NOT use Discord, anymore. The only real Steam account for me is https://steamcommunity.com/id/Novimatrem/ - any others are not I, zoey Globe, Novimatrem.
Verify, and be sure.

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About me 💜


zoey Globe - Hobbyist Linux systems administrator, open-source software & web-developer, free-software fan, and fat acceptance advocate.

Novimatrem no longer exists as a public social figure, due to unstoppable constant harassment online.
I'll miss you all. Read more here: https://novimatrem.uk/nevercache/#post_1

This isn't goodbye, because, I've only been driven out of *public* spaces by this.
You'll still be able to contact me privately on platforms that aren't social media, like instant messaging.
I'm sorry it's had to come to this, but they're relentless, because my harassers believe such awful bigoted 
ableist transphobic things, and the software we all mostly use is non-equipped to protect its users.

See you when I see you, and stay safe,
- Novimatrem

(P.S. due to my absence from these platforms, I won't be there to moderate them, which means horrible 
replies and such may pile up, there, from these folks. I'm so sorry.)

Hi, I’m zoey Globe, otherwise known as Novi, or Novimatrem.

I’m a sleepy young woman who’s a web developer and Linux tinkerer, living in the United Kingdom. A pansexual, polyamorous, cat-kin (otherkin) girl. A big fan of technology, programming, food, computer hardware & software, and I spend a lot of my time writing code. Video-making is pretty great, too. I put my heart and soul into the things I do, & strive to create great stuff to the best of my ability in various media types.

My real name is zoey - you’re welcome to call me that if you wish to not say my ‘gamer username’.

I’m a little empty-headed, sometimes, but I mean well- and I try my best. I give my absolute all into being good, kind, and sweet- and think I manage it quite well.

[Link: Or perhaps you meant to read the about page of my fursona?]

My pronouns are she/her/hers, and I’m a pacifist, and notably tired all the time. Recently I’ve been trying to get into writing more, which is why I made this blog, and my site. Trying my best to make cool stuff for everyone, because seeing people get joy from things I do makes me happy.

i’m cat-kin (otherkin), i am a cat. yes, really.

I’m an open-source advocate, and recommend and prioritise the use of free libre software, and open non-proprietary services– but that doesn’t mean I’m a die-hard only-FLOSS extremist.

Sorry if my writing or sentence structure seems awkward or confusing sometimes, or something doesn’t make sense, I have autism, and likely other neurodivergences- it shouldn’t affect anything much, but please ask for clarity if I ever post something you’re unsure of.

I can also be quite shy, sometimes, and I apologise for that.

You’ll see me online on my PC quite often, because I have somewhat limited mobility, and low stamina

I signed up for and filled in a pronouns.page for myself, please see it to learn my pronouns, name, species, things I am, and am proud of. Also included are a small selection of words I feel comfortable being used for me, so you can get the general theme of how to refer to me. Please take a look: https://en.pronouns.page/@Novimatrem

and I know it sounds absurd, but if you use my real name can you type it in lowercase please, that’s more comforting for me, and less distressing. Sorry if that’s odd sounding.

Visit my website for much more of me and the things I do: Novimatrem - Home (my website)

▲ Note: My online profiles and such are littered with harassment towards me, they're trying to mess up the place, just ignore them
Don't feed the trolls. Their aim is to spread upset, and they fail to manage that, so just give them no attention & they get bored.

Feel free to e-mail me with thoughts, feedback, etc. - TheNovimatrem@protonmail.ch

and yes, I really am a cat-girl. 💜

More things about me:

• Favourite operating system (daily driver): XeroLinux x86_64 [KDE]

• Favourite food: Bacon triple-cheeseburger, Tofu, Feta Cheese

• Favourite drinks: Cup of Tea, Soy Milk

• Height: 5’5” [which equals to 165cm]

• Weight: 716lbs [which equals to 324.7kg, or 51st], extremely heavily morbidly obese, with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). Why? Because it makes me happy, and doesn’t hurt anybody. My weight will only grow heavier with time.

• Yes, I have both. How’s THAT for redundancy?

• HRT since: 25/12/2022

• HRT: Estradiol Oestrogel gel (applied to lower belly), Finasteride tablets.

Blog code and content is open-source on GitLab: Novimatrem / blog - GitLab

License: code is original license of projects I used, my code is GNU GPL v3, my content is CC BY-SA 4.0

Novimatrem has only just begun. I will persist, perpetually. Stay strong, and resilient.

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