I’m taking Sundays off from now on

by Novimatrem (@novimatrem@meow.social)

Released: 04/Jun/2021 at 02:40AM GMT+0

I’m taking Sundays off from now on, so I don’t lose my mind or body further by continuing forcing myself to work and do things 24/7/365. This stuff is important, but working myself so strictly is actually causing things to get done less timely, due to burnout, stress, over-work, extreme tiredness, etc. To avoid issues or problems, I’ll be avoiding all Novimatrem related work on Sundays, either for a while, or from now on.

I’ll still be here, on Sunday, I’m not gone, only resting, feel free to DM/interact, I’ll probably be about to get back to you.

– zoey

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