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Released: 29/June/2021 at 11:25PM GMT+0

This is a short blog post, and a personal one. I’m keeping this brief, and getting it out there. Please hold me to this—

I’m going to make efforts to, at the least, remain at my current weight, and at the best, lose a little bit of weight so that I feel less exhausted all the time, perhaps.

I’ve felt increasingly tired, weak, and exhausted, over time, and I’d like to address that. I’m sick of my arms and legs feeling so tired and becoming more weak, and the past few days were even more out of the norm, in which I’ve had to rest my limbs for the mass majority of the time. Somewhat worrying. That’s why I’ve come to decide this.

See you later.

That’s all for this post, thanks for reading! I wish you a great week.

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