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Released: 28/Feb/2022 at 08:52PM GMT+0

This image automatically modified by the app

A comparison and showcase of the current consumer technology of this kind, and one of many ways my transition may go.

I am releasing this in a single form, this blog post, with its data on my blog’s repo, to make things clear and obvious, and so that you read these words.

The image presented here was generated by FaceApp, a mobile phone app that allows AI-image-edited photos to be generated, heavily based on an existing image fed-into it.

While I do wish that my transition will eventually get me to look this fem, it’s sadly not at that level yet currently, as I am not yet on hormones (soon, though!).

But either way, this is adorable, and this is very much life goals for how I wish to look as my transition continues.

Feel free to compare to the original photo- so you can see the differences.

faceapp modified selfie

Thank you for reading.