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Released: 24/Mar/2022 at 00:05AM GMT+0

I am not someone who wishes to partake in April Fools’ day. For me, it can be quite upsetting, distressing, and generally unpleasant.

I’m not somebody who keeps good track of time, be it the day, the date, or even the hour, so randomly having a day where people are supposed to be lying to you, it’s not good, for me. Even if I do realise what day it is, I can easily lose track. I have a script that reminds me of the day and time every hour, but I still forget frequently without checking.

I have a thing that I do, every single April Fools’ day, and this year will be no different, in which I will not be around, the day before, the day of, and the day after April Fools’ day, because I truly and thoroughly do not wish to be a part of it, it is really bad, for me.

Instead, I will be spending that time doing something isolated from the current date, gaming on an old console, watching older YouTube videos, playing DRM-free offline-only games that don’t accept this horrible concept of a day.

I do understand you may see me as a prude, a boring person, or otherwise a stick-in-the-mud, but, I do have autism (officially diagnosed), so perhaps that could explain as to why I feel such a way about the day.

I use the time and date world clock webpage - - to verify I’m safe, when it’s no longer April 1st in ANY timezone, I will return to the internet.

That’s all for this post, thanks for reading! I wish you a great week.

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