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Released: 26/June/2022 at 07:10PM GMT+0

This is a quick blog post today, as a short update.

Before you worry, I’m completely fine and healthy.

I’ve been given an updated weight goal today, on reflections from an ultrasound at the hospital, and some advice from a doctor.

Dieting is very difficult, and exercise is even harder, for me, so I won’t be losing any weight, I’m very good at keeping my weight stable at a defined point, generally.

I’ve been advised to make my way to 230lbs, and then stay there.

No, for many reasons, including disliking small portions and bland food.

But anyway, I’ve been told that’s how much I need to lose, to stay on the healthy side of being large, without it being a danger. This is absurd and impossible.

Thought that’d be a laugh, from a doctors visit of mine, see you later.

That’s all for this post, thanks for reading! I wish you a great week.

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