An Important Reminder

from Novimatrem (

Released: 09/Mar/2023 at 06:40PM

Hello, I thought it didn’t need to be said, but here’s something I’ve come to have to repeat recently:

just because you don’t like a trans person, for whatever reason, does NOT mean that the way you should be aggro towards them is by misgendering/deadnaming them, purposefully doubting their identity, or otherwise being transphobic towards them. that just undermines the rights and efforts of others, too, for no reason.

if you dislike someone, that’s fine, dislike them, but don’t show that in a way that would cause needless harm to others who did nothing wrong.

Don’t spread hatred and harm at or about a group of people, just because one person who happens to be a part of that group has caused you upset for completely otherwise (non-gender/transness/identity) related reasons.

That’s all I have to say, …

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