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Released: 03/Apr/2023

Tags: socialsafety

I would like to clarify that my official (and only) diaspora account is - there’s some bad actors going around, please ensure you check the actual username of users, especially if they seem to be acting in a way that’s not like them.

Remember to use all the tools at your disposal if needed to block accounts of bad actors, you can hit the ignore button, remove someone from all aspects, and even disable “Automatically share with users who start sharing with you” in your settings if it seems needed, you deserve to feel comfortable, happy, and safe, in your social media experience.

Stay strong, and resilient.

Information on where I am online, and what I’m up to, is always up to date and available on - please don’t fall for this nonsense going around.

EDIT: Early-June 2023: Unfortunately, I’m not around on diaspora anymore. (Which isn’t because of its quality as a social network- I think diaspora is the BEST social networking solution developed ever, so far.) It’s because of general unstoppable constant harassment online- so, while this post remains 99% accurate, I can’t personally use diaspora right now, myself, sadly.

That’s all for this post, thanks for reading! I wish you a great week.

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