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Released: 12/Apr/2023 at 05:00PM

Note: diaspora is usually spelled with a star (asterisk) symbol after its name, but due to technical limitation I can’t do that here.

Hello everybody!

A while ago I moved to diaspora, fully and permanently, and those who wished to continue using social media with me made accounts on a diaspora pod, also.

This post is to invite anyone who may have missed the initial announcement, or those who I’ve met since, who may wish to use traditional social media with me.

What is diaspora?

diaspora is a decentralized social network where you are in control, created in 2010, and still going strong to this day, with a delightful, creative, smart, and welcoming community.

Along with the features you’d expect of a social media site, it also supports following hashtags, like how you’d follow a user, Markdown text formatting in posts, and Aspects (groups of creatures) which are like Google+’s “circles” feature. [rip Google+]

Still not convinced? You can learn more about diaspora on and also in a more technical regard on   .. !  

So, what’s next?

Well, my social media is diaspora (and specifically as - and it has been for quite a while.  

You can easily find a pod to join that’s appropriate to your location by checking the two sites below, if you don’t already have an account

Or, if you’re still lost, here’s a more comprehensive set of tutorials/guides on many aspects of diaspora:

I’d be happy to see you there, feel free to follow me there, or just follow some interesting hashtags to get you started!

Oh: and be sure to check out the dandelion app, which is a diaspora client for mobile, if you run Android!

EDIT: Early-June 2023: Unfortunately, I’m not around on diaspora anymore. (Which isn’t because of its quality as a social network- I think diaspora is the BEST social networking solution developed ever, so far.) It’s because of general unstoppable constant harassment online- so, while this post remains 99% accurate, I can’t personally use diaspora right now, myself, sadly.

That’s all for this post, thanks for reading! I wish you a great week.

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