by zoey Globe (

Released: 05/May/2023

Novimatrem no longer exists as a public social figure, due to unstoppable constant harassment online.
I'll miss you all. Read more here:

This isn't goodbye, because, I've only been driven out of *public* spaces by this.
You'll still be able to contact me privately on platforms that aren't social media, like instant messaging.
I'm sorry it's had to come to this, but they're relentless, because my harassers believe such awful bigoted 
ableist transphobic things, and the software we all mostly use is non-equipped to protect its users.

See you when I see you, and stay safe,
- Novimatrem

(P.S. due to my absence from these platforms, I won't be there to moderate them, which means horrible 
replies and such may pile up, there, from these folks. I'm so sorry.)