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Released: 03/Jun/2023


I’ve got a few nicknames on the internet, and my username- there’s various ways to refer to me by name.

There’s Novi, Novimatrem, Novi-chan, among others.

While I do enjoy my username as a username, that’s all it is. It is a handle to represent me on the internet.

I would strongly prefer it if you were to refer to me as who I am, with my name, zoey.

That’d just make things more happy and comfortable for me, during communications, and such.

Of course I won’t be offended if you call me Novi, or Novimatrem, or whatever, that’s my username, and I do like my username, obviously, that’s why I’m called it- it’d just be better for me to be referred to with my real name.


PS: and I know it sounds absurd, but if you type my real name, can you type it in lowercase please, (so,  zoey )- that’s more comforting for me, and less distressing. Sorry if that’s odd sounding. The reason is because of past trauma, that I see the “properly-spelled” ‘Zoey’ as negative and recall things I’d rather forget. So, zoey it is, exclusively.

That’s all for this post, thanks for reading! I wish you a great week.

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