Thought I’d reach out to those I’ve accidentally neglected talking to. My mental health has led me to only talk to a very small group of creatures, and even then less frequently than I’d like.

I am writing this post to let you know how to contact me, during this time, and forever, so that we’ll not lose contact.

If I’ve linked this blog post to you, I probably would like to hear from you, because you’re pretty cool.

The two things I use the most frequently to communicate with others at the moment are Discord (yes, I know..) and E-mail

You can add me on Discord by adding the username: zoey.she_her_hers sigh

You can email me at:

For those concerned about the state of my mental health, know that I am currently on a waiting list to be able to resume therapy (after the COVID pandemic starting cancelled my last therapy from happening), and I’m on some antidepressants.

That’s all I wanted to say in this quick update, thanks for reading,

zoey Globe, Novimatrem.